Oddium Kaffel Corpora is the trusted advisor and counsellor to some of the most influential businesses and institutions. We are an emerging business enabling consulting firm assisting organizations achieve their goals by means of proper strategies and execution. Oddium Kaffel Corpora has been one of the fastest growing firms in India. It is our diligent team and work strategy that sets us apart from other business consulting firms.

Oddium Kaffel Corpora is an ISO 9001:2015 Company and part of USD 500 million conglomerate, with 500+ exclusive trainers & consultants.

With an aim to provide best of verification services, we continually strive to develop and upgrade our innovative solutions and services thereby giving the best to our valued customers.

Essential Verification Checks :

Employement Verification   Address Verification

Education Verification           Criminal Verification


With many application and resumes bound to containing falsified or exaggerated information about employment, its verification is an important recommendation. Oddium Kaffel Corpora through its employment verification services, offers exclusive screening solutions that are in compliance with the global standards of the market. We through our prime focus on achieving accurate and quality result, work on providing comprehensive employment screening solution that will provide you with the best and reliable human resources for your business. With our unique employment verification solution we ensure to deliver the best and precise screening requirements, irrespective of your industry, size of business. Our processes ensure that your candidates you choose have the skills, aptitude, and attitude suitable for your organization.

Our employment verification solutions encompass:

Quick and authentic HR credential validation

Analysis of supervisor feedback

Accurate scrutiny of references provided


Verification of educational credentials is an important recommendation for critical positions in an organisation or businesses. With almost one third of applicants bound to misstate, falsify or present incorrect education information in employment applications, it becomes imperative for any organization to carryout education verifications

Oddium Kaffel Corpora through its education verification solution assure that you are left with nothing but truth in your hand. With verification of all levels of education along with overseas educational credential verification, we ensure that you own a confirmed knowledge of every educational credential of your candidates. Through our education screening solution, we offer analysis and verification of the educational credentials mentioned encompassing Indian as well as Overseas. The verification solution also ensures the validation of Medical certificate courses is carried out.


Verifying that the addresses (temporary and permanent) so mentioned in applications is not false and is valid is very important. Oddium Kaffel Corpora conducts premium address verification by validating supporting credentials and carrying out basic address verification processes

Criminal Verification:

Being informed about social reputation, character and integrity is equally important while forming associations. With Criminal Verification, we touch a yet another crucial screening criteria. Through this solution, screening is carried out to understand any active or past militant activities and records of criminal, financial, economic offences. The Criminal background verification encompasses detailed verification from police and the court. Also, criminal record database search at national as well as international levels is conducted for acquiring complete knowledge on the individuals past or present shared/unshared history. Through our criminal background check solution, we ensure that you feel secure about your making associations with the subject in discussion.


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