Campus to Corporate Programs

Campus to Corporate Programs

Being a campus scorer is one thing and being the chosen for the best corporate houses is an entirely different thing. A student might be academically brilliant but there are certain other skills that any corporate house is looking for in the candidates. That’s when Oddium Kaffel Corpora Consulting steps in with its Campus to Corporate Programs. We understand that the transition from college culture to corporate culture is not easy. Expectations and responsibilities are not the same in corporate culture and therefore it is important to be prepared for what is going to be a whole new world for the students.

Some crucial challenges faced by students in this transition from Campus to Corporate are:

Demonstrate that they are able to understand what is expected of them

Get acquainted with the new environment

Working efficiently not just individually but within a team as well.

Oddium's Campus to Corporate Programs aim at making this transition as easy and comfortable as possible as well as we

C2C model of Training Programs aims to make the transition easy. It would be a definite boost to their personal contribution and performance levels in the organization. A capable Trainer/ Mentor at this point would bring in the comfort zone for them to familiarize themselves with the work culture. This program is aimed at directing the new executive to get in tune with the VISION of the Organization

C2C will be the bridge adding value and providing training on the basics of:

Professional conduct

Fundamentals of communication

How to make a good first impression

Positive attitude

Erase fear factors


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