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Organizational Development

Organizational development process helps organization to identify problems or need for change. We, at Oddium Kaffel Corpora advance through assessment, planning of an intervention, implement the intervention, gathering data to evaluate the intervention, refinement and determining its satisfactory progress.

We adopt an approach to change that aims to improve the performance of organizations through the people in them. We facilitate the key members of the organization to learn how to solve their own problems.

    We provide support to our clients by:

    Highlighting different stakeholders’ perspectives to build a shared understanding of organizational development.

    Thinking creatively about organizational design, systems and behaviors to ensure that any change is sustained and does not hamper the workforce.

    Evaluating the impact and outcomes of any change process.

Leadership Development Program

As competition among industries serving similar domain continues to intensify, so does the need to maximize the performance of firm leadership, including managing partners, senior staff leadership and practice group leaders.

Most organizations are beset with troubles regarding best people decisions at the top. This is where Oddium Kaffel Corpora services step in to help organizations make the right recruiting decisions for top positions and render leadership development program.

We work with the CEO’s, boards and top brass of leading organizations, advising them on nurturing effective and resonant leadership. We leverage our solid experience and expertise to help organizational leadership achieve its full potential. /p>

    We offer customized training and coaching programs designed to help practice group leaders:

    Understand their roles and responsibilities

    Motivate and mentor group members

    Plan and facilitate meetings

    Develop and implement practice group business plans

    Get buy-in from group members

    Work more effectively with firm management

    Enhance their leadership skills

    Establish realistic goals in keeping with firm strategies

    Assess group members’ skills and competencies

    Improve group profitability

    Deal with underperformers

We work with our clients to build their organizations, teams, and individual leaders to reach peak performance.


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